A city torn apart by the recent war fighting the orcish hordes that threatened to wipe out all of humanity in Greyport. The nation sits broken it’s new queen, a hero of the war has inherited a city that is threatening war with itself. The long standing mages who’s power within the city walls is waning due to all the loses at war are facing accusations and witch hunts of the Church to the “God of Man” who in recent times have fused themselves with the rise in technology turning their monasteries into universities for the study of technology to face the curse of magic. Criminals who took advantage of short guard numbers and lack of leadership now terrify and grip the poor parts of the city in their wicked grasp and yet must do battle with themselves for territory over the poor populace. A broken city with nobles trying to do what they can to steal what power they can for themselves in this turbulent time, a broken city that must now prepare for a war they did not start. The forces on the mainland are organizing for the first time in recorded history for an attack on the islands, a worn and weary prophet seeks to warn the Wolverine Queen, that among her other problems she must get this city and nation ready to defend itself.