Captain of the Town Guard


Age: 38
Lifepaths: Born Slave, Foot Soldier, Sargeant, Village Guard, Guard Captain, Guard Captain
Traits: Scarred, Thug, Exasperated, Tough, Thick Skin, Broken
Gear: Superior Long sword, Heavy mail run of the mill, Travel gear, Cottage
Will: 6 Per:3 Pow:6 Agi:3 Forte:6 Speed:2
Health:6 Reflexes:2 Steel:10 Mortal wound: 12 Circles: 3 Resources:0 Hest:4
Skills: Slavery-wise:1 Soldiering:2 Brawling:5 Firebuilding:1 Sword:6 Intimidation:5 Crossbow:3 Foraging:1 Soldiering2 Village wise:2 Guard wise:3 Etiquette:2 Riding:3 Alchemy 2


He was born into the life of a slave. When he was only 12 years old they sent him and his father into battle against the dreadful Orcs. During the 15 year long war his father was slain and with the loss of a loved one he grew questionable for what he wanted to do. After 7 years of battle there was one moment that changed his life forever. His captain told the entire infantry to sacrifice the town and yes there will be casualties but it will be worth it in the end. Well Olaff didn’t want that so he disobeyed orders (which he has never done before) and got all the willing soldiers he could to stay and fight. Everyone was just waiting for the Orcs to come when suddenly a large group arrived at town. It was the great Wolverine Queen’s group and she ordered all of them to stay and fight with us. In the end we won that battle and if she didn’t come along almost everyone there would have been slain in the process. Ever since than he has protected anyone that is his best friend and or lover because he feels that losing a loved one is one of the worst pains a man can feel. After the war was over the Wolverine Queen started a cue to bring all the trumbles to trial and all of them ran and left town knowing the consequences if they stayed. When the Wolverine Queen actually became the queen she abolished slavery for good which Olaff was very happy for because his mother was freed. He then with all of his war training went on to become a town guard. During his years as a guard he realized that most of the guard were corrupt. He felt like it was his duty to make the guards a actually group they could trust. After that he became the town Guard Captain and that is when he really started searching around for the cause of this unjust system. He is now trying to find the main problem of this madness…Top Hat. With the help of Emal and The Wolvereen Queen he believes that they may put things right.


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