Mercenary Captain and Bodyguard of the Queen


Age: 28
Lifepathes: Born Peasant, Runner, Scout, Archer, Strider, Freebooter
Traits: Skinny, Loner, Sprinter, Loyal, Quickened Pulse, Cold-blooded
Gear: Bow, throwing knives, run of the mill reinforced leather, travel gear, clothes
Will:3 Per:4 Pow:4 Agi:6 Fort:4 Spd:6 Health:3 Reflexes:5 Steel:4 Hest: 7 MW:10
Circles:1 Resources0
Affiliation Black Flag Company 1d
Skills: Inconspicous 4, Stealthy 4, Orienteering 3, Observation 5, Knives 6, Bow 5, Fletcher 3, Brawling 3, Firebuilding 2, Forest-wise 3, Tracking 3, Intimidation 1, Fortress-wise 2, Mercenary company-wise 3, Foreign Languages 3
Su B3 Li b5 Mi b7, SeB8, Tr B9, Mo B10


Born to a peasant family on the edges of the Northern mountains, Emal was drafted into the military during the War of the Fallen Empire. Starting even as a young kid as a runner he managed to work his way up into the military unit of the Wolverine queen, serving as her eyes and ears as a scout he began to make decisive changes in the war through his bravery and stealthy ability. After the war as many of the army members searched for work in a city that had all but forgotten about them Emal set up a mercenary company with his most trusted brothers in blood. Known as the leader of the Black Flag Mercenaries, Emal cleaned up quite a few bandits that had begun to rise up outside of the main city, mostly working for towns or catching bounties. When the Wolverine queen took power from the Trumble family, still nervous about the nobles that could hold alliance with the fallen nobles she hired The Black Flags to serve as her palace guard and Emal to serve as her personal bodyguard.


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