Shattered Lands

A name given to the islands off the coast of the Main land. Thought to be where an angered god smashed open lands into a series of large and small islands ranging from hundreds of miles to some as small as 30 feet but towering up out of the ocean like spires.
The islands took the Torrentien Magic of the mainland and unable to put forth the dedication and time to master the raw elements of magic established rotes and spells to be shared between wizards, made famous by Edward Morken. Edwardian magic is now the most practiced magic on the many islands, a series of formalized spells that while lacking versatility require less skill to be proficient than the raw magic’s of Torretien. Without the constant threat of attacks from the horrible beasts of The Dark Western Woods the cities here have been allowed to flourish and grow, the largest of them all being on the Island of Seldeer, the City of Greyport.
Shattered Lands Islands:

Cale: An island of glorious greenery and soft flowing hills, Cale is mostly a rural farming community, with a loose Republic they do not make many ripples in the politics of the Islands. Known for their bright red hair and pale freckled skin, Cale citizens occasionally strike out for more excitement and can be found everywhere.

Muntos: The oldest settled of the islands Muntos is the closest island to the mainland, with tall brightly colored cities that echo with the kind of powerful magic from the mainland. Off the coast of the Northern Mainland it is a common trade hub for both civilizations, and because of it the small island has become fabulously wealthy. Muntos citizens have dark skin and black straight hair and sharp angular features, known for donning themselves in light flowing clothing and extravagant jewlery. Currently a Mageocracy, anyone with magical talent gets votes on how the major cities are to be run.

Grenaal: Off the coast of the Southern Mainland Grenaal largely is an island of deserts with many cities sticking to the coasts and serving as the only trade with the Southern Mainland. While not rich, Grenaal boasts a powerful navy and a powerful ally in Muroudous. Ruled by one of his eldest sons, Grenaal was the first place conquered by the Magical Emperor. The Rebels here though have not fully given up their island, and Muroudious’ forces meet constant push back in the forms of small attacks, protests, and disobedience. Grenaal citizens have dark tanned skin, dark wavy black hair, and tend to where clothing to protect themselves from the harsh sunlight.

Zemnar: The southern most island, Zemnar is largely blocked off from all of the politics and wars of the rest of the world. While some traders come up from the island, they largely get what they want for their rare wares due to the sheer rarity of their presence. Not much is known of the political or culture of Zemnar, and the traders do not speak of it at all.

Seldeer: The largest of the islands and the first developers of technology independent of magic. Large stone structures mixed with wood are common as they dot the landscape. Currently Seldeer is ruled by a feudal government with the Wolverine Queen ruling alongside powerful noble families in a shared voting. The island is in shambles currently after a decades long war with a huge orcish horde that had amassed in their borders.

Shattered Lands

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